August 31, 2012


Image of  on estate management asset protection law siteWE COVER ALL ASPECTS OF ELDER LAW for aging, illness and incapacity including Medicaid Planning, Veterans Benefits, Nursing Home Planning, Asset Protection and Advocating for our clients.

WITH PROPER ESTATE PLANNING one can ensure their health care needs will be met, and their assets will be distributed according to their wishes. There are many options available to people in the estate planning process, including wills, living trusts, testamentary trusts, durable powers of attorney, and living wills. However, not all options are right for everyone.

The estate planning services we provide include Health Care Proxy, Powers of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, Revocable Living Trusts, Asset Protection Trusts and Pet Trusts.

MINDY FELINTON IS ACCREDITED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS (VA) for the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims for benefits for wartime veterans age 65 and older. We provide legal services for Pensions, Compensation, Medical Care, Housing Assistance, Cemetery Assistance and Burial Assistance.

WE ARE A FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM with offices in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Florida, covering the legal issues affecting the lives of the elderly, their loved ones and all who are interested in preparing their legal and financial affairs for the future to protect their loved ones. Our focus is to provide you with an individualized plan for the future and to protect and preserve the lifetime of savings you and your loved ones have worked so hard to accumulate.

MS. FELINTON IS A MEMBER of the Maryland, District of Columbia and Florida Bar Associations.

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Image of  on estate management asset protection law site
Image of  on estate management asset protection law site
Image of  on estate management asset protection law site