January 5, 2014

Rockville Elder Law Attorney

Finding a reputable Rockville elder law attorney who will take the time to consider your family’s needs can be a challenge.  At Felinton Elder Law and Estate Planning Centers, you will find that Ms. Felinton, a well-known Rockville elder law attorney with over 30 years of experience, will take the time to listen to your goals and your specific needs.  To Ms. Felinton, being a quality Rockville elder law attorney means understanding how to create an estate plan that looks toward the future and addresses the potential need for long term care.  Asset protection may begin with a quality estate plan, but there is a great deal more that every Rockville elder law attorney should consider.  The devastating effects of the cost of long term care can quickly drain your resources or the resources of those you love.  Ms. Felinton provides guidance and counsel that can save you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a Rockville elder law attorney, Ms. Felinton seeks to help others find peace of mind by offering meaningful counsel to those who want to protect their assets while helping them or their family members become eligible for Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits.

Ms. Felinton is here to help you, as she has helped so many others throughout the years.  Ms. Felinton hosts her own TV show called Senior Solutions and is a regular speaker at private and community events, where she addresses the issues that concern the elderly and their families.  Rated “Top Lawyer” on Avvo.com, Ms. Felinton has an excellent reputation as a Rockville elder law attorney, making her a valuable resource for you and your family.  Allow Ms. Felinton to help you take charge of the elder law issues you and your family are facing today.  Contact our office by calling 301-610-0055.