May 10, 2014

Washington DC Elder Law Attorney

When navigating through the complex and often stressful issues concerning elder law, Washington DC elder law attorney, Mindy Felinton, is an excellent choice for a guide. Backed by over 30 years of experience, Ms. Felinton brings comprehensive knowledge and a unique approach to asset protection when the cost of long term care threatens that for which you have spent a lifetime to build.

No one plans to go into a nursing home, but it happens and will continue to happen to those who least expect it. Don’t find yourself unprepared when the unexpected comes. Asset protection is Ms. Felinton’s primary focus. As a Washington DC elder law attorney, she listens to your concerns and addresses each of them in a way that you can understand. Her planning solutions are designed to protect assets even when long term care is needed, and you are paying the facility privately. Did you know that, even in cases like this, you can still apply for Medicaid and veteran’s benefits?

With the help of Washington DC elder law attorney, Mindy Felinton, it is possible to preserve your assets for you and your loved ones while still becoming eligible for benefits.

Your Washington DC elder law attorney understands that your plan must fit your circumstances and your goals. It is, after all, your plan, and there is no “one size fits all” strategy. After taking the time to listen carefully to what your concerns are and the circumstances you and your loved ones are facing, Ms. Felinton creates a customized plan, in which various ways to protect your assets are presented and carefully reviewed to make sure you understand your options.

Even if you believe it is too late, please call Felinton Elder Law and Estate Planning Centers to see if we can help. Call us today at: 301-610-0055.