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Be Proactive To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Elder Abuse

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Few things make my heart hurt more than hearing about vulnerable older people being taken advantage of financially or being abused in any way.

This is why I have dedicated my practice to the area of elder care law including trying to prevent elder abuse of any kind – physical or financial and more – for the past 30 years.

As an elder care attorney I am able to help people who need someone on their side to help them create a solid plan to protect their assets through both short-term and long-term planning. I also help them obtain benefits to care for their loved ones. When people are proactive and put a solid asset protection plan in place while they are well and their minds are still sharp, chances of being taken advantage of financially are far less likely to happen.

Elder Abuse Education: Awareness Is Born In The Crush Of A Crisis

Unfortunately, for too many people, asset protection planning often begins as the result of a crisis. People may have the best intentions of putting a plan in place, but they typically wait until they are in the throes of a catastrophic illness or disability to suddenly realize they or their loved one may lose everything. So they scurry to put a plan in place.

Many times, people in a desperate situation are also in a position to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous attorneys. (Oh yes, they are out there.) This is why I encourage people to start earlier rather than later. Take the necessary time to meet with and discuss options with several attorneys before you decide to work with one.

Inter-Family Elder Abuse

The fact is that financial exploitation of older people, often by a family member, is a growing problem as Baby Boomers are aging. Families are reluctant to prosecute so they stay quiet. This kind of inter-family abuse happens and stays under the radar, often leaving elderly parents destitute in their final years. But, if you have proper legal documents set up, it makes this kind of family abuse more difficult to pull off.

Most adult children of aging parents have the best intentions to help their parents. If you are fortunate to have adult children you trust, you can make one your power of attorney to act for you in the event you can no longer speak for yourself.

Be Proactive Don’t Put That Asset Protection Plan Off A Moment Longer

It is my passion to help people protect their homes and assets, protect spouses and loved ones and transfer assets while maintaining Medicaid eligibility when possible. I love speaking up for others and protecting what my clients have worked so hard to put aside to see them through their elder years and to leave something for their loved ones.

Experience has taught me to speak up for others; but it has also taught me to listen. In order to best serve my clients, I truly believe that it is just as important to listen as it is to speak. Learning about what is most important to each client and crafting a proper plan that works for them is paramount. It’s imperative that while you are still mentally sharp to create an estate and asset protection plan. Thought you may not want to discuss financial matters and prefer to keep them private, you are doing yourself a disservice and putting yourself in a position to be taken advantage of. Don’t wait. Just do it! Give our office a call today.