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July 13, 2012

Living Wills

A LIVING WILL PROVIDES YOU AND YOUR FAMILY members with peace of mind, knowing that your medical care wishes at the end of life are clearly communicated. It also provides direction to medical establishments, who are ethically and legally bound to keep you alive unless you have a legal document in place that instructs them otherwise.

WITHOUT A LIVING WILL OR HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE in place, the court or even strangers may decide if you live or die. Perhaps you’ve heard of the highly publicized case concerning Terri Schiavo, whose life care was decided by a court in 2005. With a comprehensive living will in place, her family would never have needed the court to make that decision, and her final excruciating 3 weeks of life, deprived of food or water, could have been avoided.

As your Rockville living wills attorney, Mindy Felinton can prepare a living will that places the decisions for your end of life care in your own hands.  To avoid a tragic story like Terri Schiavo’s, however, you must be proactive in taking the proper steps now, before incapacity leaves you helpless to make that decision for yourself.  Your living will, also called an advance medical directive, will describe to your health care providers, the procedures of treatment that you desire. It also allows you to designate a person you trust to make health care decisions on your behalf should you be incapacitated or be in a vegetative state.

When you have a living will, your loved ones will be certain of what your end of life wishes are, and have the legal platform upon which to stand in order ensure that your specific wishes are carried out.  Having a living will relieves your loved ones of the burden and stress caused by not knowing your wishes, or having to look to strangers or to the court to make your life or death decisions. You will need to have a Rockville living wills attorney who is experienced in this subject.

Mindy Felinton has over 30 years of experience as a Rockville living wills attorney.  She practices other areas of law including elder law, asset protection, wills, trusts, estate planning and Medicaid planning.

Mindy has a passion for helping and educating people so they are prepared for the future.  Contact us today to begin the process that equips you and your loved ones to face tomorrow with confidence.

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