Coronavirus Could Be The Motivation You Need To Take Care Of Important Business

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Do You Have An Estate and Asset Protection Plan in Place?

COVID-19: Everyone is talking about it.

The stock market is in a free fall from it. Countries are closing their borders because of it. People are hunkering down and hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer, conferences and music festivals around the world are being cancelled. Travel is coming to a halt. But, is the coronavirus scary enough to motivate you to create an estate and asset protection plan?

Global Pandemic

The elderly, whose health is somewhat compromised, are the most vulnerable in the face of this global health scare. But, no one is immune. So, exactly what will it take to get you to take action – and get the estate and asset protection plan you should have in effect – so that in the event something happens your assets will go where you want them to go and your loved ones will not be unnecessarily burdened?

Time to Take Action

Whether it is you who are at risk or your parents, there’s never been a better or more important time to take action and get your end-of-life wishes legally expressed. People around the world are dying, the virus is not visible, and it is multiplying at an exponential rate. Don’t hesitate a moment longer. Give one of our offices a call and schedule an appointment to discuss estate planning, asset protection, pet trusts. We cover all aspects of elder law. Once the world gets beyond this new virus, hopefully it will be life as usual. And for you, it will be life as usual with another important thing crossed off your to-do list.