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Every Adult Has The Right To Prepare For An Unexpected Medical Crisis

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No one likes to think about the prospect of having to face a sudden, debilitating medical crisis.

The very term “medical crisis” almost implies the unexpected nature of such events.

I suggest to my clients that they think about the prospect of a medical crisis in the same way you think of having an emergency fund in case you lose your job and have to cover expenses for the next 6 months or more. It’s a necessity.

Taking Care Of Business

Thinking about the unthinkable doesn’t mean a tragedy will happen. Considering and planning for a worst case, unexpected scenario simply means that you are ready for whatever happens. It means that you are not expecting anyone else to bear the burden of making difficult decisions should anything happen. And, it means you are tending to business in the event you are no longer capable of doing so.

Questions Break You Open…

What would you want to happen if you were to become incapacitated? Most people think, “That’s not going to happen to me!” But, what if it did? Who would you want to handle your affairs? If you were incapacitated wouldn’t you want someone to know what your wishes are? For instance, do you want life support? Do you want to donate your organs or not?

If you were to become seriously ill at a young age, who do you want making important decisions for you? So many people postpone these kinds of questions until they are older. But life doesn’t always work on the schedule we think that it should.

…Answers Fill You Up

Every capable adult over the age of 18 has the basic right to make choices about their health care in the event of a tragedy. That means having the right to choose or refuse medical treatment. You can establish your desires by filling out an Advance Directive for Health Care form. These forms can be found online. Once the form is signed and witnessed it is legal. The forms can be changed, just like a will can be.

Tragedy Does Not Discriminate By Age Or Any Other Factors

There is no reason to wait for old age to fill out an Advance Directive for Health Care form. This type of pre-planning is truly a gift to loved ones. Hopefully, you’ll never have to pull this document out, but knowing it is filled out, you will experience a great sense of peace knowing that any tragic situation that could put you out of commission and your loved ones in a difficult position has been considered and handled.