March 13, 2016

Lake Worth Elder Law

As one moves into their senior years, there are specific needs that the law must cover that are not necessarily found in other age groups, and they are addressed in Elder Law. Every good estate plan should include the details of an Elder Law plan to address what would happen should they need to go into a nursing home.

FelintonLaw and Lake Worth Elder Law

Felinton Elder Law and Estate Planning Services takes great pride in handling Lake Worth Elder Law issues including Medicare and Medicaid planning, asset protection, living trusts, long-term care planning, estate planning, the power of attorney, nursing home law, last will and testaments, special needs and pet trusts. Mindy Felinton has over 30 years’ experience in extensive and compassionate Elder Law issues.

Her practice sets her apart from the average Lake Worth Elder Law attorney because of the individual attention that she offers. This characteristic allows her clients to feel comfortable and to understand their rights in their legal affairs, especially when transitioning into a nursing home.

Mindy Felinton

Mindy goes beyond the average lawyers in Lake Worth Elder Law because she spends the time explaining the specific circumstances into each individual client. This makes all the difference. Moving a loved one into a nursing or living facility is stressful for the entire family because the patient has to adjust to having their independence reduced.

Ms. Felinton understands these issues as well as the law involved. She works diligently to arrive at the best solutions for all the family members. Mindy graduated from the University of Miami, Cum Laude with her BS and received her graduate degree from Nova Southeastern University, Juris Doctorate. She served as an Assistant State Attorney and State Prosecutor of Florida before opening her own legal practice. Her skills and experience have led her to be a member of many professional legal groups including the Florida, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia and Maryland Bar Associations.

Ms.Felinton’s goal is to provide a smooth transition into nursing facilities, legally, ethically and relationally, for seniors. In order to accomplish this effectively, she provides the other necessary services so her clients do not have to find other attorneys. With Mindy and her well-trained staff, senior clients have all of their legal issues addressed and handled in one office. Mindy is also interested in helping abused animals, and she often reports on them to the media so that the public can learn and help. She volunteers with House with a Heart and Senior Connection regularly.


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