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Make A Plan To Protect Your Assets Sooner Rather Than Later

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Why Consider a Plan to Protect Your Assets?

I have always loved making plans.

Ever since I was a kid, I would help my mother plan the weekly grocery list. I loved planning menus for dinner. I loved planning goals throughout high school and college and then my life’s goals. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a planner.

The advantages of planning are numerous. Plans help organize time, resources and activities in order to achieve specific goals. As an Estate Planning and Elder Care Attorney, I help my clients make successful plans that preserve their assets so they can enjoy a quality of life throughout their lives.

It is my lifelong passion to help people, even those with minimal assets, create long-term care plans that will provide and maintain quality of life while giving access to quality care with the assets they have. A well-thought out plan can do just that.

Crafting a Long-Term Care & Asset Protection Plan

When it comes to a plan to protect your assets – considering asset protection and making this kind of long-term care plan – it’s important not to wait until you are in physical or cognitive decline before establishing a plan to protect your assets. You will best be served by putting a plan in place while you are of sound mind and body.

As an asset protection attorney, I can accomplish so much more to help clients prior to being admitted to a nursing home. The luxury of helping clients during what is often called a pre-planning stage, means that I can utilize many more asset protection tools.

Avoiding Crisis Situations

Once you or your loved one is admitted to a nursing home, this considered a crisis situation. Even during this time there are still traditional asset protection tools and government assistance benefits that can be used. For married couples, we can often save 100% of the assets and obtain Medicaid benefits if we are contacted and can get papers filed within 90 days of being admitted to a nursing home facility. For single individuals, protection may be somewhat more limited though there are several ways we can help save most and often all a single person’s assets.

Without pre-planning, assets will be depleted rapidly on care until they are gone. Once your assets are gone, the options for care are extremely limited. Please do yourself and your loved ones a favor and seek guidance to create a solid plan to preserve your assets now. It doesn’t matter if they are limited. There are ways to preserve them. The best time to seek guidance is before or at least as soon as there is a noticeable decline in either physical or cognitive ability.