January 5, 2014

Rockville Elder Law

It is no secret that we are all living longer these days.  This is great news!  But the result of this, unfortunately, is the sad and remarkable increase of serious health and financial issues among the elderly.  Many children of aging parents, or other family members, are left wondering how to navigate through this unchartered territory.

Rockville elder law is a primary focus at our firm, one which has helped so many families through the difficult issues that our seniors face.  At Felinton Elder Law and Estate Planning Centers, we use our knowledge of Rockville elder law to assist families through the process of Medicaid planning, Veteran’s planning and asset protection.

Whether you are someone who is in need of estate planning, or you or your loved one is in a crisis situation, needing long term care, Rockville elder law and the consideration of your personal needs and goals, can be the key to keeping your assets safe while helping those you love get the best care possible.

Mindy is well equipped and has over 30 years of experience in practicing law and is an exemplary attorney in the field of Rockville elder law.  Her passion for educating seniors and their families has recently inspired her to host her own TV show called Senior Solutions, a bi-weekly program that offers solutions to relevant issues confronting seniors and their families.

Don’t wait to take the next step!  Contact Ms. Felinton at 301-610-0055 and let her experience in Rockville Elder Law help you gain control and peace of mind.

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