May 10, 2014

Silver Spring Asset Protection Attorney

Have you ever been told that, in order to qualify for Medicaid or veteran’s benefits, you need to spend down all of your hard-earned assets? This misconception has cost so many people hundreds of thousands of dollars they very well could have been saved. Silver Spring asset protection attorney offers solutions to those who find themselves facing the possibility of losing everything to the cost of long term care for themselves or a loved one.

As your Silver Spring asset protection attorney, Mindy Felinton offers solutions that work! She begins with a full assessment of your financial situation and goals. She then creates a comprehensive report, outlining various strategies, which ultimately protects your assets, while still making Medicaid and veteran’s benefits eligibility possible.

How? It is all legal and Medicaid and VA approved, but complex, nonetheless.

Mindy Felinton, your Silver Spring asset protection attorney, is here to walk you through every step of the process, minimizing stress and maximizing the protection of your assets. She is committed to guiding you through each step necessary to help you, not only protect your assets, but also to meet the requirements for Medicaid or veteran’s benefits eligibility.

If you would like to learn more about preparing for your future and the future of your loved ones, call your Silver Spring asset protection attorney, Mindy Felinton. We at Felinton Elder Law and Estate Planning Centers believe that your plan and the protection of your assets is paramount! Call us today, to find out how we can help you and those you love. You can reach us by calling: (301-610-0055).