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May 10, 2014

Silver Spring Elder Care Attorney

If you or a loved one is going into a nursing home or needs assisted living, have hope! You don’t have to pay privately, pouring all that you have into your care. Silver Spring elder care attorney, Mindy Felinton has over 30 years of experience and will work hard on your behalf to protect as many assets as possible. Many will tell you that you have to spend down your life savings before you can receive Medicaid or veteran’s benefits. Not true!

As your Silver Spring elder care attorney, Mindy Felinton can provide you with a comprehensive, customized strategy to protect your assets while still helping you become eligible for Medicaid or veteran’s benefits. She will take the time to review this with you and your family and walk you through the best course of action, based upon your specific goals and needs. She is there to answer your questions and support you through the process, turning your panic into hope.

Silver Spring elder care attorney specializes in asset protection and approaches each family as though they were her family, offering real solutions to what seems like insurmountable challenges. It is not too early to plan for what may lie ahead. Even if you are in perfect health, it is still wise to plan ahead. Your Silver Spring elder care attorney, Ms. Felinton, offers you an opportunity to safeguard your assets before the unexpected happens.

With a passion for educating others about asset protection, estate planning, and elder law issues, Silver Spring elder care attorney, Mindy Felinton, takes the time to share her expansive knowledge and experience. You may have heard her on the radio, offering free seminars; or you may have seen her on her TV show, “Senior Solutions”; or you may have even seen her book, “Don’t Go Broke In a Nursing Home.” Her compassionate and knowledgeable approach to educating others makes her a sought-after speaker.

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