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So Thankful

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Each year at Thanksgiving I think back over the years of my practice and remember all the people I’ve been able to help. This small ritual fills me with such deep gratitude. I feel so privileged to be in a position to help people live better lives and see the light at the end of a tunnel they so often think they will never see again.

I could tell so many stories of clients who came to me thinking they would never be able to retire or be able to afford long-term care. My clients are always amazed at how I am able to help them take advantage of services they are not aware of and making their “limited” assets extend much farther than they ever imagined.

I’ve had couples and families come to me so distraught when one of their loved ones are suffering from varying degrees of dementia and some with full blown Alzheimer’s disease. Most arrive in my office without a legal plan in place. In these instances the family members typically do not know how they can move forward and important legal decisions for their loved ones. My chosen profession puts me in a position to help my clients out of some the most difficult situations and see their way through to lives that still hold out promise and comfort for themselves and their loved ones. I am grateful for my legal practice, for my partners and support team. I am grateful for the clients who trust me to find ways to help them.

I hope you and your family and loved ones have much to be thankful for during this beautiful season of Thanksgiving.