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Retire Confidently: The Services Of An Elder Care Attorney Can Help

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Would you like to retire confidently?

Are you prepared for retirement?

With 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement age each and every day, the question is, how many of these retirees are well-prepared for retirement and can retire confidently? Every one of these individuals is a unique universe of needs, desires, hopes and dreams. Each is in a different state of health and in different states of financial stability. If you are among these retirement age boomers, keep reading.

Whether You’re Ready or Not to Retire Confidently… Here It Comes

As many research models predict, a majority of retirees will not be prepared for retirement, or especially retire with confidence, especially in light of the astronomical costs of medical care many of them will require. Far too many will be dependent upon Social Security and Medicare benefits. It doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you are close to retirement it’s not too late to establish a plan and to discover many of the programs that can help you have a more comfortable retirement. Also, it’s a known fact that a majority of boomers continue to work beyond retirement age. That can be a good thing if you don’t yet have a plan.

An Elder Care Attorney Has Your Back

Whether you have a plan in place or have yet to establish a plan, a reputable Elder Care Attorney can be of immense help at any stage. Elder law is a very specific area of legal practice with a singular focus. We cover all aspects of Elder Law for aging, illness and incapacity including Medicaid planning, Veterans Benefits, nursing home planning, estate planning, wills, trusts, asset protection, and advocating for our clients. The focus of Elder Care Attorneys is on all the needs of elders as well as disabled clients.

You may think that you don’t have any assets or that your assets are not significant enough to deserve an asset protection plan. I am here to tell you that any and all assets are worth protecting. We can help you take advantage of every program available to you. Many retirees are not aware of, nor do they know how to properly apply for many helpful programs. This is the area of focus for Elder Care Attorneys. Many regular attorneys who people turn to do not have a specific focus in these areas.

You Might Not Be Wealthy But You Want To Retire Confidently With Every Advantage Possible

At Felinton Elder Law, we provide you with an individualized plan for the future, and we protect and preserve the lifetime of savings you and your loved ones have worked so hard to accumulate. Even if you haven’t established a plan, you may still be able to benefit from our services. It’s a new year and a new decade. If you’re still breathing and enjoying life, we could help you relax a little more by reviewing your circumstances and seeing how we can help you retire more confidently and comfortably than you may have imagined. Give us a call today. Unlike many attorneys, we are open on some Saturdays and evenings to make it more convenient for those who still work.