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March 13, 2016

West Palm Beach Estate Planning

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Mindy Felinton

West Palm Beach Estate Planning

It is always important to protect your wealth and assets that you have worked so hard to accumulate. Estate planning provides the perfect peace of mind by taking care of such events. It is more than just writing a last will and testament because it is important to set up a living trust to hold assets and property. This trust will help in avoiding probate while possibly offering asset protection.

The West Palm Beach Estate Planning covers all legal issues affecting the lives of the elderly and their loved ones. It also works with anyone who is interested in preparing their legal and financial affairs to protect their loved ones for the future. The firm provides a personalized plan to help an individual in preserving the lifetime savings that a client and their loved ones have worked for.

By ensuring a smooth transfer of your estate to your family and any special loved one in your life, the firm ensures that the exercise is done according to your exact specifications by providing the necessary guidance through the required laws of the Florida estate planning.

In order to create a good estate planning, one is supposed to know the approximate value of the assets, the benefits they need to receive from the assets, who is to be placed in charge of the assets, who will take care of the family and who will be responsible for making financial and medical decisions in cases one is not in position to do that.

The West Palm Beach Estate Planning attorneys have experience of over 30 years in areas such as asset protection, estate planning, probate and trust administration, special needs planning, vulnerable beneficiary issues as well as business succession planning. They take pleasure in recognizing unique estate planning and administration needs for individuals and families and addressing needs to clients who have fewer assets but with important needs. The firm offers experience and creativity that will ensure success in carrying out the last wishes. Basically the estate planning firm can act as an advisor, an advocate and a counselor among other roles. Cultivating a strong client relationship as well as developing trust is their key mandate in providing successful representation.

The firm is also aware of the challenges being faced by most clients, and it is therefore a full service law firm aimed at achieving and meeting the needs of the clients. Working with honesty, integrity and commitment as the building blocks, the West Palm Beach Estate Planning will ensure continued service to its clients.