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How To Choose An Assisted Living Facility

One of the most important decisions that you will ever make for a loved one is choosing his or her long-term care facility. If you are wondering how to choose an assisted living facility, you are not alone. Thousands of family members are concerned about finding a caring and supportive assisted living facility for their loved ones.

Family members are rightfully concerned, considering the fact that elder abuse continues to be a significant issue in long-term care facilities throughout the U.S. The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that 7 to 10 percent of individuals suffer from abuse in long-term care facilities. By taking time to do your research and choose an assisted living facility that is right for your loved one, you can protect your loved one from becoming part of this statistic. Here are some tips that can help you find the right facility for your loved one.

Review Reports with Your State’s Ombudsman Office

First, you should review reports of assisted living facilities in your location at the state’s ombudsman office. If you notice that an assisted living facility has received numerous complaints in the past few years, you should choose a different facility for your loved one.

Assess Your Budget Needs

Another consideration to help you choose an assisted living facility is your budget. Think about whether you can afford to place your loved one in a luxury facility or a basic care facility. Assisted living facilities vary greatly in their amenities, care services and social activities that are available for residents.

Plan an Unannounced Visit

By planning an unannounced visit, you can see whether a facility is understaffed or delivers adequate care for individuals. If it seems like there are too few employees working to care for residents, you may want to find a facility that has adequate staff levels.

Discuss Your Loved One’s Care Plan with Staff Members

Discussing your loved one’s care plan can help you feel comfortable in choosing the right facility. A great facility will create a comprehensive care plan for your loved one that includes dietary needs, a meal plan, social activities and medication needs.

Contact the Felinton Elder Law & Estate Planning Center for Help

If you need help in finding the right assisted living facility for a loved one, you may also contact Felinton Elder Law & Estate Planning Center to receive the help you need. We can help you find a facility that will deliver loving and nurturing care for your family member.