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Is a Concierge Doctor Right for You?

shutterstock 103168181 200x300 - Is a Concierge Doctor Right for You?Do you wish that your primary care physician could give you more personalized attention? Perhaps a concierge doctor is right for you.

Concierge physicians offer enhanced services to their patients that traditional primary care doctors cannot. These include same-day appointments, longer office visits, email consultations, and individualized treatment plans—all for a monthly or annual fee that is less expensive than you might think.

Seniors especially can benefit from this type of care. Because concierge doctors have far fewer patients, for example, they have time to make house calls, thereby avoiding expensive and stressful trips to the hospital emergency room and unnecessary testing. They also frequently consult with their patients’ other physicians to coordinate care and streamline medication. Many also work with whole families to reduce anxiety and help prepare seniors and their loved ones for end-of-life issues.

Although private insurers reimburse for these visits, Medicare does not. Furthermore, the services provided by concierge physicians may not suit everyone. To find out if switching to a concierge practice is right for you, tune in to Senior Solutions tonight at 10 p.m. on Montgomery Municipal Cable Channel 16.