Is a Trust Really Needed?

Is a Trust Really Needed?

Mindy Felinton, Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney, consistently receives a very valid question from her clients, “Why do I need a trust?”. The answer is…. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t! There are several factors to consider in having a Trust which can include:

  • Avoiding the enormous cost of Probate (we’re talking about over $25,000!)
  • Defined Executor of the Will which will avoid…
  • Family feuds and fighting causing legal battles and potential breakup of the family

Additionally, when you pass away, a Trust can be distributed automatically and more easily through the terms you have put in place. This can completely reduce those family feuds that can occur which frequently happen! Mindy has seen many instances of brothers and sisters fighting with each other causing unnecessary legal expenses and rifts within relationships.

Contact Mindy Felinton to Establish a Trust

If you are in the Rockville, Maryland or South Florida area, Mindy Felinton, has over 35 years of experience in establishing trusts for her clients. However, there may be instances where a trust may not be appropriate for you and that’s where Mindy’s years of experience is so important. Mindy will work with you to determine your objectives and how she can help you best meet your estate planning goals. There are many advantages to multiple strategies, but the solutions she provides is customized to you and your family.