It's Never Too Early to Create an Estate Plan, Here's Why!

It’s Never Too Early to Create an Estate Plan, Here’s Why!

Preparing for the inevitable… It is something almost no one wants to do, but, with COVID-19, many people who would have avoided creating an estate plan, found themselves doing just that. NBC News reports, “More Americans turned their attention to life insurance, wills and trusts last year as the coronavirus pandemic made the reality of death unavoidable.”

Creating an Estate Plan Because of COVID-19

According to Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney, Mindy Felinton, of Felinton Elder Law & Estate Planning Centers, “Many people think about life insurance and estate planning closer to the end of middle-age, but just this past year, the number of life insurance applications for people under the age of 44 grew with a noticeable ascent. Those factors can be pinpointed to the pandemic.”

The global spread of the virus has also increased the number of people creating wills and trusts and is even gaining popularity for age groups between 18-34, as the reality of the pandemic has hit home for younger people who now realize they must get their affairs in order before anything unfortunate happens.

If You’re Young, It’s Never Too Early to Create an Estate Plan!

No matter your age, to protect yourself and your family, you will want a qualified Elder Law and Estate Planning attorney by your side. With over 35 years of experience as an Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney, Mindy Felinton can build an estate plan completely customized to your situation and needs. Mindy treats every single client as a unique in order to provide a solution that truly meets you and your family’s needs.

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