Planning for the Unknown: Your Incapacity

Planning for the Unknown: Your Incapacity

Planning for Death is not something any of us like to do, but most of us understand it is a necessity. We also recommend planning for your incapacity which is essential, and most people do not consider the risks of not having this place. We may have had personal experiences where a friend or loved one was fine one moment and then their condition significantly worsened all of a sudden.

The Risk of Incapacity with COVID-19 and In General

In these days of COVID-19, we are all more conscious about how quickly and randomly we can become incapacitated. We also can see the variation of how it can impact individuals across many different age groups. Additionally, COVID-19 is impacting our eldest members of our families and without the proper planning in place, you and your family can be impacted financially. The news has shown many cases where completely healthy people are becoming seriously ill and are being hospitalized and put on a ventilator. If that happens, who will make medical and financial decisions for you?

The Immediate and Unexpected Changes that Happen on a Dime

For decades, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney, Mindy Felinton has been advocating for incapacity planning. Mindy states, “While COVID has brought more attention to the subject of Incapacity Planning, there are many more circumstances to consider. Because there are strokes that can happen, there are a variety of debilitating situations that can change in a minute. Life can change on a dime, I always say. Car accidents leaving people incapacitated, strokes, the list can go on and on.”

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