Protecting Your Pet After Passing Away

Protecting Your Pet After Passing Away

Pets, they are often called Man’s best friend! Truth be told, some of us would rather spend time with our beloved pets than with some family members. You can be re-assured to know that we can plan for what will happen to Fido or Fluffy after we are gone, by establishing a Pet Trust.

What is a Pet Trust?

Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney, Mindy Felinton, is a pioneer in this practice, with over 30 years of experience creating pet trusts. Mindy states, “A Pet Trust can be used for many different types of animals – Cats, Dogs, Horses, Birds and many more! You can create the trust while you are alive and can be funded after you die.”

A Trustee is the person you designate to oversee their care when the Pet Trust or any Trust is created. The trust follows your wishes about the care and treatment of your pet. You can also plan for your pet’s end of life. The Pet Trust’s funds that are set aside should be used for the pet’s benefit and should there be any funds left over, they can be used for donations to shelters, charities or to whomever you like!

Contact a Pet Trust Estate Planning Attorney

Our pets bring us such joy when we are alive, shouldn’t we do all we can to make sure they are taken care of once we are gone?

Do not delay, it may be too late! Setup a Pet Trust by calling Mindy’s office to schedule an appointment at (301) 610-0055 or (561) 290-2179. Mindy has offices in Rockville, Maryland as well as in Florida within the areas of Palm Beach County and Broward County.