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How to Use Medicaid to Pay for the Nursing Home

Getting older and needing help can be challenging. Unfortunately, with the rising costs of long-term care, the cost of getting that help adds to the challenge.

If you or a loved one need rehabilitation or nursing home care, you might think you will need to drain your bank account before you can get government assistance through Medicaid. But, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney, Mindy Felinton, states that this is not the case.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid provides medical assistance for those who are 65 and older, disabled or blind. Medicaid is also the single largest payer of nursing home bills across the country.

Back in the day, a simple bank statement was enough to prove Medicaid eligibility, but in the last decade or so, the process has become more complex and involved. The government has implemented look-back periods, transfer penalties and waiting periods that require proper planning.

You Need an Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

Because of the complexities involved in each situation, you need an Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney with a wealth of experience in dealing with these complexities to help you or your loved ones become eligible for Medicaid. There are creative strategies that can be undertaken as determined by your own financial and life situation.

Mindy Felinton can help you protect your assets from being wiped out by medical bills and other unforeseen expenses. Mindy has offices in Rockville, Maryland as well as Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Whether you are getting ready to move into a community where you can get some extract help, or your loved one is already in rehabilitation or a nursing home, you can contact Mindy Felinton to learn how she can help protect you or your loved one’s fortune and get the help that you need from Medicaid.