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What is Guardianship and How Can You Avoid It?

Guardianship is serious business! Guardianship can be used to take away a person’s rights or liberties in order to protect them and is extreme. If someone is threatening to file for Guardianship whether it’s a family member, an attorney or even a neighbor and it’s not necessary, there are a number of options available to you to fight it.

Avoid Guardianship by Creating a Comprehensive Estate Plan

The best way to avoid Guardianship and the associated fight is to create a comprehensive estate plan before Guardianship becomes an issue. If you plan ahead, there will be no room for a family feud over Guardianship or any type of court intervention. There are several components of a comprehensive estate plan that you will need –

  • Comprehensive Power of Attorney – This document will allow an agent to transfer assets to your Trustee. This Trustee will account for it and distribute money for your benefit.
  • Trust – A trust can safeguard your money, assets and property.
  • Living Will & Health Care Surrogate/Proxy

By having all of these components of a comprehensive Estate Plan, it’s likely that a Guardianship battle will never happen. However, it’s important to have an Estate Plan in place, before it’s too late.

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